Jody Halsted

Jody Halsted

Writer, Ireland Expert & RV owner

Jody Halsted is a freelance writer with a mad passion for Ireland, her RV, and 'off the beaten path' travel.

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Packing Solutions to Save Precious Space in Your Car

There’s no denying that road-tripping to your destination allows you to bring everything you might need for your trip. But even the most spacious SUV can feel like a sardine can when it’s poorly packed. Use these seven tips to save space and keep your family organized the next time you hit the road.
When it’s time to load the car, keep in mind the order items will be taken out, and place for easiest access the items that will be needed first. Let the kids help — just tell them it’s life-sized Minecraft.

Camping at dinosaur valley state park in texas article

The Amazing Life Lessons Your Kids Will Learn from Camping

Camping with your children can teach them lessons that will stay with them for life, whether you opt to rough it in a tent or go “glamping” in an RV or cabin.
Here are six ways to make camping educational, as well as fun: