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Jody Halsted is a freelance writer with a mad passion for Ireland, her RV, and 'off the beaten path' travel.

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Crossing to carrick a rede article

Why Choose Ireland – and other reader questions

“Why should I choose Ireland over another European country?” It’s a question I receive often- and one I love to answer! In fact, I receive a lot of Ireland travel questions- and I respond to them all!

In the latest Ireland FAQ chat I tackle the ‘Why Ireland?” question, as well as other general Ireland travel questions.

Off the main path at the giant's causeway article

5 Things You Maybe Didn't Know About Visiting the Giant's Causeway

Few spots in Ireland invoke the imagery of Irish mythology more than the Giant’s Causeway along Antrim’s northern coast. Science may explain the polygonal stones as being caused by volcanic activity, but in your mind’s eye you can’t help but see the giant, Finn McCool, setting his stone pathway across the waters between Ireland and Scotland to fight the Scots giant.

The basalt columns of stone have been photographed and written about thousands of times and are one of the top tourist attractions in Northern Ireland. So much so that an entire driving route is named for it: the Causeway Coastal Route. If visiting the Giant’s Causeway is on your itinerary you’ve likely read quite a bit already! So, instead of re-hashing the basics I’m going to share a few tips for your visit.

Dark hedges naturally article

What to Really Expect When Visiting The Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges have always been popular with photographers but have now reached a larger audience due to their appearance in the Game of Thrones. Featured in the first episode of season 2 as ‘The King’s Road’, this tree tunnel has become a destination for bus tours and self-drive vacationers.

Dublin ohio visitor center article

Embracing the Irish Attitude in Dublin, Ohio

I often lament the fact that I can’t be in Ireland all the time. Thankfully there are so many Irish-Americans (and those who wish they were!) that we can usually find some pretty good craic close to home.

This spring the fair city of Dublin, Ohio invited us to discover the Irish attitude of this Columbus suburb.

Choosing ireland vacation package article

How to Choose an Ireland Vacation Package

Choosing an Ireland vacation package seems simple enough. You find a deal you like- be it self drive or guided- and make the purchase. Done. Ireland vacation booked and ready.
But it may not be so simple. Airline transfers, car rental, accommodations… they all play a role in the success of your vacation to Ireland.

St patricks cross article

Neil Jackman on Ireland's Ancient East | Traveling in Ireland ...

Jody’s guest is archaeologist Neil Jackman. Neil is offering his considerable insight into Ireland’s Ancient East- over 5,000 years of Irish history, as well as share stories about his excavations which separate fact from fiction.

Derry wall overlooking bogside article

A Guided Tour of Derry, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland, with over 1500 years of history, is a perfect example of a location well suited for a private tour. During our time in the north we took a guided tour of Derry, and it was one of the highlights of our week.

Gelann Doherty, owner of Derry Guided Tours, led us along the city walls, narrating the history of Derry in a way that both engaged my daughters and intrigued my husband, a keen historian. As we left the city walls and entered the Bogside, the city’s story spread on the muraled buildings before us, Gleann proved quite adept at sharing the turbulent times of The Troubles with young listeners in a way that piqued their interest but didn’t delve too much into the terror of the period.

Free derry wall article

Gleann Dogherty Derry Guided Tours | Traveling in Ireland Podcast ...

Jody’s guest is Gleann Dogherty, owner and guide of Derry Guided Tours. They will be discussing the 1500 years of Irish history which makes Derry so captivating.

Ehig article

Planning Your Ireland Vacation Itinerary

Planning you Ireland vacation itinerary has a few phases... exhilaration, inquiry & overwhelm. Tips on how to create your Ireland vacation itinerary. Video

Food and drink shot.... article

Gerry Meade and the Salmon of Knowledge | Traveling in Ireland ...

Jody is joined by Gerry Meade. He has created a new tour in the historic county of Meath with a focus on one of Ireland’s most wonderful bits of mythology: the Salmon of Knowledge.

Dublin airport check in article

How to Handle a Flight Delay or Cancellation During Your Ireland ...

It has only happened to me once… but once was enough. A flight delay or cancellation is never fun but a little proactive action + a positive attitude can keep a bad situation from turning worse.

Twit article

Family Travel to Ireland #219 | This Week in Travel Podcast | Ireland ...

Jody is a guest on the This Week in Travel Podcast with Gary Arndt, Jen Leo and Chris Christensen, talking about family travel to Ireland.

Lost valley mayo article

Discovering the The Lost Valley

Located in the farthest southwesterly bit of County Mayo as the mountains begin to drop toward the Killary Fjord, you’ll find the Uggool (O-ghoul) Valley. There are many places along Ireland’s west coast that claim remoteness as part of their charm but few can lay claim to directions that state ‘beyond the end of the road.’ Indeed, there is one way in and one way out of The Lost Valley, a fact which played more than a little part in the valley’s near timelessness and unchanged landscape.

Cross in the uggool valley article

Gerard Bourke and County Mayo's Lost Valley | Traveling in Ireland Podcast.

Jody’s guest is Gerard Bourke the 6th generation landowner in Uggool, County Mayo’s Lost Valley. He and his family welcome tourists to take a step back into Ireland’s past.

Dublin airport check in article

Traveling in Ireland Podcast: Airports in Ireland with Corey Taratuta from Irish Fireside

Jody is talking with Corey Taratuta from Irish Fireside. Today, they are discussing the ins and outs of airports in Ireland. Learn what to expect and tips to make your life easier as you travel to and from Ireland.