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Jody Halsted is a freelance writer with a mad passion for Ireland, her RV, and 'off the beaten path' travel.

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Ten Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Ireland with Kids ...

Planning your first trip to Ireland can be a little overwhelming. Who knew there was so very much to see and do? After working with hundreds of families to create perfect Ireland itineraries and authoring Planning the Ireland Vacation of Your Dreams, I’ve found it helpful for families to know these ten tips before planning travel to Ireland with kids.

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The 411 on County Galway with Kids | Family Travel 411

The city of Galway is the shining centerpiece of a deceptively large county which stretches from the country’s midlands before reaching far into the Atlantic Ocean. You may need four days just to take in all the activities you’ll want to undertake on your visit to County Galway with kids.

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The 411 on County Clare with Kids - Family Travel 411

As Ireland’s largest county, Cork is difficult to place into a specific box. Does it have castles? Yes, in fact one of the most famous in all the land is located here. Does it have sheer stone cliffs that tumble into the pounding ocean? Yes, and the most dangerous areas are topped with picturesque lighthouses. Does it have mountains draped in purple heather, valleys with lakes so clear you can see the deceptively deep bottom, or brightly colored cottages lining seaside village streets? Yes, yes, and yes.

Trying to sum up Cork with 6 highlights is a difficult task, so my best advice is to use these points as just a beginning to your adventure in Ireland’s “Rebel County”.

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The 411 on County Clare with Kids - Family Travel 411

Thatch-roofed cottages amid a maze of stone walls, fluffy sheep sprinkling the rocky hills, towering cliffs marching in formation to meet the crash of the ocean, and the promise of unrivaled craic and entertainment. County Clare, in the heart of Ireland’s western shores, awaits visitors with the stuff Irish travel dreams are made of: castles, megalithic tombs, majestic abbeys weathered by time, and then some.

As home to Ireland’s second international gateway, Shannon Airport, it’s easy to plan your Ireland itinerary to start or end with a stay in County Clare. Either way, these are my top recommendations for what to do, where to stay, and where to eat when you do visit County Clare with kids.

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Ireland is a land of magic and mystery, castles and cliffs, faeries and friendly people. In other words, Ireland is an ideal vacation destination for families. Yet in this land filled with ‘must visit’ destinations, the county of Kerry may have a few more ‘musts’ than most.

Located in Ireland’s ‘Sunny Southwest’, County Kerry is revered for its incredible scenery. Stunning coastline, historic castles, and sparkling caves are only the beginning of the wonders you’ll find as you explore County Kerry with kids.

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The 411 on Dublin with Kids - Family Travel 411

Ireland is a country that is tailor made for families seeking a magical vacation. Fearless knights can explore castles from the darkest dungeon to the highest battlements. Pretty pixies will find proof that faeries are real. The land that inspired C. S. Lewis to create his magical Narnia will charm your family like no other place on Earth.

Dublin, the capital city of this enchanting land, is often the first and last place the traveler to Ireland sees. From one of the largest walled city parks in Europe to some of the smallest and oldest artifacts in the world, exploring Dublin with kids is a must during your Ireland holiday.