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Jody Halsted

Writer, Ireland Expert & RV owner

Jody Halsted is a freelance writer with a mad passion for Ireland, her RV, and 'off the beaten path' travel.

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Welcome to the Drama, Momma! Parenting a Dramatic Tween without Losing Your Sanity. Mostly.

In case you can’t read the very dramatic note above, it says,

Today i am going to run away i’m not wanted.

From Caelan (broken heart)

When she brought it to me and I read it, it was all I could do not to laugh. My brokenhearted girl was so very serious.

What caused the issue (this day)? If I remember correctly, it had to do with a Minecraft update. Her sister’s game showed an update available and hers didn’t. And no amount of explaining that I could update it was getting through. And, as I was telling her I could update it, she began to cry.

Over Minecraft.

No. Just no.

Reiman gardens 1 200x300 article

InTREEguing Tree Houses at Reiman Gardens

Each spring my girls and I plan a field trip to Reiman Gardens in Ames. Beyond the natural beauty of the flowers, gardens, and butterflies, each spring brings something different to the gardens.

This year it’s treehouses.