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Jody Halsted

Writer, Ireland Expert & RV owner

Jody Halsted is a freelance writer with a mad passion for Ireland, her RV, and 'off the beaten path' travel.

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Off to ski article
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Learning to Ski at Mount Kato in Mankato, Minnesota

I’m not fond of winter, though I am resigned to it. Growing up in Iowa, moving to Minnesota, then returning to Iowa, it’s obvious I’ve made my choice to deal with the harshest season.
But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

My kids love it, though. And part of being a mom is not holding them back from experiences, regardless of my preferences.
Which is why I took them to Mount Kato in Mankato, Minnesota to learn to ski – a sport I was never exposed to as a child, but always wished I was. Though not a ski resort as there are no rooms for let (the town of Mankato has a large selection), the Midwestern mountain is a terrific place to learn the basics of skiing.